Windows 11 Dev Build 25227 adds a few improvements

Windows 11 Dev Build 25227 adds a few new improvements

Microsoft starts rolling out a new Windows 11 build to the insiders in the Dev Channel from the rs_prerelease branch. The latest Windows 11 Build 25227.1000 adds improvements to the Update Management policies, Start menu, Widgets, Voice Typing, and more.


Microsoft also released a new ISO for Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25227 for the Dev Channel insiders to perform a clean installation. For more details and to download the Windows 11 Build 25227 ISO, continue reading further.


Windows 11 Dev Build 25227 adds a few new improvements


  • Windows 11 Build 25227 is now available in the Dev Channel.
  • Microsoft also released an ISO image for Windows 11 Build 25227.
  • This build includes improvements for update management for IT administrators.
  • This build also includes a good set of general changes and improvements.
  • A Microsoft Store update is rolling out to all Windows Insiders introducing pop-up trailers for games and movies.


What’s new in Windows 11 Dev Build 25227

Update Management Improvements

With the release of Windows 11 Build 25227, Microsoft added new improvements to update management service for IT administrators. Microsoft has made the following changes to the Update Stack Orchestrator:

  • The Deadline calculation for both quality and feature updates is now based off the time the client’s update scan initially discovered the update. Previously, the Deadline was based off the release date of the update for quality updates and the reboot pending date for feature updates.
  • The Specify deadlines for automatic updates and restarts Group Policy setting was split into two separate settings to align with the existing configuration service provider (CSP) policies. The options in the Group Policy settings are the same for both feature and quality updates. Each of the new settings also has a Don’t auto-restart until end of grace period option. The new Group Policy settings are:
    • Specify deadlines for automatic updates and restarts for quality updates.
    • Specify deadlines for automatic updates and restarts for feature updates.



Changes and Improvements made in Windows 11 Dev Build 25227

[Start menu]

  • We are trying out a small change to the Start menu where some Insiders will see badging on their user profile notifying them that certain actions need to be taken.


  • We’re trying out some different positions of the header with new icons for the Widgets board to learn how to best optimize the Widgets board for our users. By using monoline icons, our goal is to bring consistent, clean, and accessible icons to communicate action and features with simple visuals for users.


  • The change to support the use of clipboard history (WIN + V) on password fields that began rolling out with Build 25206 is now available to all Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.
  • We made a change to allow you to contribute your voice clips to Microsoft again even if on-device speech recognition is used.

[Voice typing]

  • We are rolling out a change to sync voice typing settings, Automatic punctuation and Voice typing launcher, across all devices signed in using the same Microsoft account. You can toggle this feature via Settings > Accounts > Windows backup > Remember my preferences > Accessibility. This currently only works with Microsoft accounts today with AAD support coming later.


  • A new dialog will warn users of potential data loss if they elect to change the partition style of their storage drive under System > Storage > Disks & Volumes > Disk Properties.
  • We’ve updated the ethernet and Wi-Fi property pages in Settings to now show gateway information in the network details summary.


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