Top 8 Useful Tools for UI/UX Designers


In the modern age of technology, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design are critical topics. These fields help make websites, smartphone apps, and computer software widely available. UX and UI design have become increasingly popular in the new tech age.

UX and UI design overlap many other fields, including marketing. ​​UX design in marketing is a crucial part of successful business strategies in the digital age.

As the number of UI and UX design programs has increased, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. Designers may not know about the best options available. Here’s a selection of some of the best software currently available for UI and UX designers.


Figma is one of, if not the most well-known, programs for UI design. It’s considered one of the best programs on the market for its functionality. It can wireframe and prototype while offering an easy-to-use layout and versatility.

Figma, at its core, is a vector design app with the functionality of UX design applications. What this means for a designer is that it has layouts and design options with the end-users in mind. It also offers many internal options for interactive prototyping and automated designs.

One of the benefits of using Figma is its collaboration abilities. Figma allows multiple people to use it and be online all at once while designing and working. Collaboration makes brainstorming and editing a breeze.

Figma is $12 per month for professionals and $45 per month for organizations.


Unlike other apps on this list, Sketch is a macOS-only application. Yet, Sketch has been an industry standard for several years. It offers a collaboration function and the ability to send designs directly to developers.

Sketch provides unlimited canvas space and artboards. With intuitive resizing tools and customizable grids, resizing artwork is simple. Any artwork made, no matter the original size, can be formatted to any different size without ruining the quality.

A 30-day free period of the application is available. After 30 days, designers will need to buy a subscription. You can choose monthly or yearly fee subscriptions: $9 per editor per month; or $99 per editor per year.

Adobe XD

Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications, including the UX app called Adobe XD. Adobe XD creates wireframes and prototypes with the capability to connect to other Adobe products.

The ability to unlock and use apps from the Adobe Creative Cloud is a big reason behind the program’s popularity. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe XD are popular UX and UI choices.

Adobe XD also includes the popular voice prototyping function. Voice prototyping includes options for voice-activated interactions within the app itself. The program can prototype with videos and sound—something few programs can do.

Currently, as a stand-alone product, Adobe XD costs $10 per month. But, with over 20 other apps, designers can get the Adobe Creative Cloud for $53 per month.

Origami Studio

As a free program, Origami Studio is a great software for first-time designers to experiment and learn UX and UI design with. Since it’s free, there’s no cost to any designer that decides that UI design isn’t for them without breaking the bank.

On top of its accessible pricing, Origami Studio also offers tons of great tutorials. Using the product also unlocks a community that can teach you more about how to use the software. There are even free downloads for easier prototyping and design.

Origami Studio is free to use and has a good database of information for the program on the website and public sharing platforms.


Marvel is an application for design and interactive prototyping. It allows for cross-usage between other applications, such as Jira and Lookback. There are a variety of templates and built-in user testing that make this application unique.

Marvel allows multiple integrations with different applications like Slack, Google Suite, and Dropbox. While working, files which are retrieved in the program are easily accessible.

Marvel has several subscription options. Individuals can subscribe for $12 per month, while small teams cost $42 per month; both are billed yearly. Enterprises should contact the company for more details.


If a designer is searching for a code-based designing application for wireframes, look no further than UXPin. This program specializes in wireframes that incorporate coding into the design, allowing for a peek at what the final product will be.

UXPin is unlike other applications in that it is one of the few that has a focus on including coding in the design process. This may seem like a small addition, but it allows designers to experience a better replication of the final product and gives developers an idea of what their team would like.

However, UXPin is one of the most costly programs on the market. The startup plan costs $112 per editor per month. Meanwhile, the company plan costs $149 per editor per month. Additionally, enterprises should contact the company for a price range for their needs.


Like Origami Studio, Justinmind is a UX and UI program that can be used free of charge. It specializes in prototyping over everything else. Currently, it is available on both macOS and Windows operating systems.

Justinmind is also an intuitive program to use. Its layout is simple, with all options listed on either side for quick implementation. It also offers free templates and helpful guides if needed.

While Justinmind can be used free, it does have paid options for those who want to get more out of it. Billing month-to-month is much more costly, so billing yearly may be the best way to go.

The standard plan is $9 per user per month billed annually. Meanwhile, the professional plan is $19 per user per month billed yearly. Enterprises should contact the company for subscription information.


InVision is a unique mix of creative flow features with prototyping. Unlike the other options, this program is more for collecting ideas and prototyping. It also has integrations for Figma, Google Suite, Zoom, and Slack.

With its whiteboard-like layout, InVision lets teams collaborate to brainstorm and figure out the design process. Additionally, it offers interactive options for the prototypes made in the program.

InVision has a free option, but to get the most out of the software, designers will want to buy a subscription plan. For $5 per month, designers can purchase the pro version. Enterprises should contact the company for payment options.

FAQ About UI/UX Tools

Deciding on a program can be hard. Here are some common questions and answers on how to choose the best program for your design process.

Why do so many programs have non-descriptive enterprise pricing?

Enterprise pricing comes from a combination of ROI pricing and options available for the program itself.

Understanding the ROI of Enterprise UX is the first step in learning about enterprise pricing. ROI, in simple terms, is the math behind making sure an investment will work for the company. This pairs with how much enterprises will be willing to pay for their programs.

Meanwhile, enterprises can also request special options for their program. This may mean a longer editing window or more functions that may not be offered to all parties.

What should I look for in a program?

Programs should be able to fulfill the requirements of the design process, offer wireframe options, or give interactive prototypes to be viable assets.

Many of these applications may have two of these options, and a few offer all three, such as UXPin. The more a program offers, the more well-known (and potentially expensive) it will be.

How do I know if a program is worth the “hype”?

UX and UI programs gain popularity due to their ability to be useful long-term. Programs should be able to stay up to date with the market trends while still sticking to the functionality that designers know and love.

UX/UI is a relatively new and growing market, and technology is always evolving at a fast pace. If a program updates quickly and regularly so that designers can stay on top of their game, it’ll maintain its popularity. One great example of this is Figma.

Finding the Best UI/UX Tool

Overall, the programs provided are some of the best on the market for UX and UI design, wireframes, and prototyping. They allow their users to create apps with ease and each tool has its own unique functionality.

While it can be hard to choose only one software, flexible month-to-month plans make it possible to keep up with the newest offerings, and the next wave of UX and UI programs may be just around the corner. Expand your horizons and increase your skills in UX design in marketing with the best UI/UX programs.

In the modern age of technology, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design are critical topics. These fields help make websites, smartphone apps, and computer software widely available. UX and UI design have become increasingly popular in the new tech age.
UX and UI design overlap many other fields,…


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