The Benefits of a High Speed Disperser


High speed dispersers are designed for intensive high speed, high shear mixing and dispersing of product, and are most often used in such industries as chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic/personal care. They are ideal for viscous dispersions. Dispersers are available from bench top sizes to very large industrial production sizes that have the ability to disperse thousands of gallons at a time. These mixers are used in a wide range of applications because of their ability to apply intense shear and shorten mixing cycles that require hard to mix fluids to be formulated into emulsions, or agglomerated powders to be dispersed into a liquid medium. Powder dispersers are designed to integrate and disperse large amounts of difficult to wet powders into a pipeline flow with minimal air entrainment. Today, technological innovations have resulted in dispersers that generate a strong vacuum that ensures intense powder induction and wetting while delivering high discharge capacity.

Industries will enjoy a number of benefits when using high speed dispersers. For instance, in-line concentrations of up to 40% by weight can be produced in a single pass process. There are also effective powder incorporation and batch time savings. These high speed dispersers reduce dispersion times by up to 90% with concentrated single pass powder dispersions. There is a significant improvement in the consistency of the processed product with reproducible dispersion characteristics from batch-to-batch and the impact style rotor-stator tooling eliminates screen plugging issues common to other in-line blenders

The unique design of a high speed disperser that contains the innovative high tech ‘ZC’s’ powder dispersion tooling and reactor head allows for intense shearing of powders in a single pass prior to hydration which produces uniform powder dispersions free of lumps. An almost perfect vacuum for powder dispersion is created which allows in-line concentrations up to 25% by weight to be generated in a single pass with minimal air entrainment. The product yield is maximized and wastage is reduced or eliminated because the powder is completely hydrated after passing through the disperser.

Notable key benefits of high speed dispersers include:

Dramatic Powder Incorporation and Batch Time Savings

Eliminate the common over-processing of other conventional dispersing technologies

Preserve the rheological properties of shear sensitive products, which also lead to powder ingredient savings

Powder dispersion aids such as pre-heating the aqueous phase and dispersing into semi-polar solvent are no longer necessary

To keep pace with modern-day mass production of consumer, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and industrial goods, companies need to speed up the development of technologies to meet demand. To the processing industry, the mixing process is both an art and science which requires both innovative technological solutions and experience in the “art” of mixing. High-speed dispersers are the basic tool used by all companies that disperse such products as drugs, paint, chemicals, ink, adhesive, and much more. Producing products with the appropriate fine particle size gives excellent product performance and is beneficial in terms of overall process optimization. It makes good business sense to use the latest innovations in dispersers.

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