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Phone industry market prices

Smartphones have become a means for conveying and transmitting information from one person to another. The phone industry has experienced a surge in the 21st century, especially with the introduction of Android and iOS operating systems. Phone brands are now built on these two major mobile operating systems, other OS includes Windows but it’s less popular in the market since they acquired Nokia, a phone brand. The Android OS is managed by Google, a tech company. While the other OS, often referred to as iOS is managed by Apple and its iPhone and iPad brand use the OS.

Today the world is in a dynamic stage where you can control your life to a great extent. You can capture life unfolding around you, using the latest mobile phone cameras. Mind you; these are no ordinary mobile phones. The best phones deliver great cameras, the performance you need to multitask and the endurance to last the whole day. When it comes to buying a new phone, some people may prefer to have the biggest display possible along with the most advanced specs. And others want a solid mid-range phone that delivers all the basics without feeling cheap. There are lots of phone brands out there, and wirelessoemshop is one such online stores where some of these phone brands are retailed. You should read wirelessoemshop reviews to learn more about their collections.

What determines the price of phones?

There are lots of online multimedia companies retailing and supplying different phone brands and models, so purchasing from the right channel would actually help in the pricing process. The price of a phone is actually relative and depends on the region. For instance, the price of a mobile phone in the US would not be the same as the price in the UK and other countries, because a lot of market forces affect the price of phones, one could be the custom excise, cost of shipping, brands, and lots of other factors.

Factors affecting the cost of phones in the market

There are lots of cost factors that determine the price of phones in the market, some of them are as follows:

  •         The type of OS: It’s no doubt that phones that come with the iOS are expensive when compared with phones with the Android, one reason that can be attributed to this is the fact that the Apple brand is a luxury brand and people often feel a sense of achievement been affiliated with the brand.

  •         Camera quality is also another determining factor in the price of phones, a good quality camera would always have the upper hand in the market over a phone with less or poor camera quality.

  •         Processor speed, this is measured in GHz (which is the frequency of threads the phone can handle), the processor of a phone determines a lot as some of the reasons a phone is sleek and fast on the operation is heavily hinged on that.

  •         Lastly, a good RAM (Random Access Memory) often referred to as temporary memory is important as phones with large or sufficient RAM would not have issues such as the phone not responding when a number of applications are opened.

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