Oracle Cloud Native Environment 1.5.7 highlights Kubernetes

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Oracle Cloud Native Environment, for developing cloud-native applications, has been enhanced to leverage the Kubernetes 1.24 container-orchestration platform.

Kubernetes 1.24 accommodations are highlighted in Cloud Native Environment 1.5.7, which was unveiled earlier this month. Enhancements cover an improved container runtime setup, a deployment model for different components of the environment, and lifecycle management for infrastructure. Kubernetes 1.24 was released May 3. Also with this version, deployment of Cloud Native Environment itself has been made easier, Oracle said. The platform’s command-line interface has been improved with commands for faster, more intuitive deployment.

Cloud Native Environment offers a selected set of open source software, providing an environment for running containerized applications. A framework is featured for installations, updates, upgrades, and configuring microservices features. Other features of Cloud Native Environment 1.5.7 include:

  • The Istio service mesh module was improved to allow multiple modules to be installed using custom profiles while retaining a single Istio control plane. This provides customization of the control plane and of the sidecars for the Istio data plane.
  • Support is offered for Oracle Linux 8 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel release 7.

Interested developers can try out Cloud Native Environment using free labs and tutorials. Cloud Native Environment and Oracle Verrazzano Container Platform, for container application management, can be used together, offering a suite of open source software with a subscription-based support model.

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