Graphic Design Elements That Can Elevate Any Web Design


While the technical soundness, quality of content and the layout of a website are crucial in determining the success of a web design, the use of graphics can enhance its appeal for the visitors. Without attractive graphic design, your website fails to hold the interest of your prospects. Graphic design adds an additional dimension to your web design, and engages your target audience with your brand.

Graphic design was traditionally used for prints. However, since the evolution of Internet, web designers are also integrating graphic design services like never before. However when working for web, graphic design rules have to be different from that of the print. When working on the graphic design part of any web design, there are some key factors that must be taken into consideration-

Font- The typeface or the font of lettering differs from print to web. It is important to choose the fonts that are easy to read on the web, look professional and leads the eye to the following content. Moreover, in order to distinguish the main text body from the title, the font size has to be different.

White space- To make the web content readable and pleasing to the eyes, smart use of white space has to be considered in graphic design and web design. It is recommended that you use wider side margins for easy reading and note-taking. Have shorter paragraphs, vary in the size of paragraphs, use subheads and make intended lists.

Use of Capitalisation- Capital letters should only be used in the beginning of the text and proper names. Many people use capitalisation technique to highlight a word or sentence. However, now you can use indentation, bold type and double-spacing between paragraphs to enhance the intended words/sentences.

Colours- When working on the graphics of a web design, the choice of colours can make a whole lot of difference in the visual appeal of the site. Colours not only make the site look attractive, but they also convey a message through it. For instance- the colour family used for a funeral service website would be different from the colours used for a restaurant service website. In funeral service site, more sombre colours would be used, while in a restaurant site more dynamic colours can be used.

Sometimes, a graphic designer gets so carried away to make the web design look pretty, that he forgets to add the element of usability in it. Graphics are meant to simplify the browsing experience of the users and should be only used for that purpose, and not merely for displaying your creative streak. Whether you opt for a minimalist web design or an over-the-top design (depending on the kind of industry the site is focusing on), graphic design should never be ignored at any cost.

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