Exploring the benefit of virtual servers 

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Virtual Private servers (VPS) are the perfect mid-point for Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting. Used by thousands, it offers better security and greater control than Shared Hosting. But let us first understand what a VPS is.

VPS is a dedicated virtual machine on a physical server shared by others. It gives you a dedicated server space with a reserved amount of resources.

Why WordPress VPS?

Virtual Private Servers are used by those who look for similar features of shared hosting but are looking for better performance and uptime. VPS is more expensive than shared hosting but, VPS offers more flexibility and security in terms of our performance. WordPress sites when deployed in a WordPress VPS Hosting platform becomes easier to manage and optimize your performance.

Here are some benefits of hosting your WordPress site on virtual servers.

Greater control 

Root access offered by WordPress VPS gives you full control of the server and lets you perform tasks that you cannot do on a Shared Server. You can fine-tune controls to match the requirements of your website. Since you have control over all the dedicated resources, you can handle a high amount of traffic.

Additional security 

VPS hosting is much more reliable than shared hosting in terms of security. As each VPS server has its virtual environment, the chances of data breaches and virus attacks decrease significantly. Virtual Servers are more reliable than Shared servers as very few servers are hosted on a single node.

Energy efficient 

With VPS, you unknowingly help the environment. With a dedicated server, for example, you use up all the resources the server has to offer. It can be considered a clear waste of energy. In VPS, a larger server divides its resources into several virtual environments, which helps optimally use the resources.

Higher speed 

Virtual servers divide their resources in a way that benefits everyone. Suppose you have a particular amount of resources and do not use them, other users will not have access to these resources. This way, resources are divided but cannot be transferred among each other. It results in better performance and higher speed.


Nowadays you can come across affordable VPS options which are cheaper than Shared hosting. With VPS, you get inherent benefits, better storage space, and better uptime.

Improve your performance

Memory and CPU are vital for the working of a WordPress site. Shared servers allow resources to be pooled around. For example, if one site has high amounts of traffic, the other websites will suffer, and their uptime decreases. With VPS you don’t face this issue as resources are allotted separately.

In a nutshell,

Virtual servers have a lot to offer. They provide more security and better performance when compared to shared servers. It is also much more efficient than you think, for the benefits, it offers it is worth it! It is also an economical solution as resources from a single server are being used up by a few users. It helps reduce carbon footprints. Virtual Private Servers are the best option for someone looking for a reliable and performance-enhancing way of hosting!

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