Benefits of eSIMs for Japan Travel

Benefits of eSIMs for Japan Travel

Benefits of eSIMs for Japan Travel


Traveling has become all the more accessible with the digital nomad life being adopted by several people. Work-from-home as a concept has given rise to longer travel durations as more people start to go on workcations. If you too are someone who can’t seem to hold back their travel lust, then an eSIM is exactly what you need. An eSIM is an embedded SIM card for your phone. It is particularly beneficial for people who indulge in cross-country travel. For instance, if you’re traveling to Japan this summer, getting an eSIM for Japan travel would make a lot of sense. Why? Let’s find out.  


Reasons Why You Must Use an eSIM


Using an eSIM can have a lot of benefits for those who travel for long durations. Today we’re taking note of only the most important ones.

  • Switch Network Carriers Easily


Using an eSIM means you can switch between different network providers quite easily. The specific reason for this is that an eSIM allows you to activate multiple mobile plans at the same time. So, for example, once you travel from UAE to Japan, you can get a Japanese plan and still keep the UAE plan active. This eSIM feature is a boon for people who go on long vacations and workcations. Staying in a different country for more than just a few days would cause significant inconvenience for such travelers. 

  • eSIM Mobile Devices are Better


Mobile phones that can support eSIMs are engineered to be better. Since in an eSIM nothing apart from the core chip is needed, it’s quite a nifty component. Any phone built to store eSIMs can easily embed up to 8 eSIMs at a time. It means that you can get eSIMs from all the top providers in the UAE and have them on your phone simultaneously. Further, it also means you can always switch between network providers in UAE and Japan. By doing that you could save a lot of expenses. 

  • eSIM Phones are Less Prone to Water Damage


It’s marvelous how technology is undergoing innovation each year. A few years ago customers would frown upon the idea of a SIM card making a phone more water-resistant. But today, it’s our reality. eSIM mobile devices are much more water resistant than their counterparts. The reason for the same? There are no holes or click-open slot spaces on the body of the phone. It automatically reduces the chances of water seeping into the phone, thus protecting it from damage! 

  • Great Tracking Devices


eSIMs are great phone-tracking devices. Unlike normal SIMs that can be disposed of by a robber, eSIMs are embedded inside the phone. This feature makes it nearly impossible for any robber to switch on your phone after the theft, or even remove the SIM. Additionally, authorities can simply use your phone number to track down your phone!

Thus, eSIMs are brilliant components of connectivity in the 21st century. Our technologically driven world has found the perfect solution for travelers. If you’re traveling abroad soon, explore the best eSIM offers today!

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