A Beginners Guide to Domain Name Management

What Is a Domain Name? Domains Explained for Beginners

Do you have a business in New Zealand, and do you want to take it online? If the answer is yes, you will require a NZ Domain name.

No matter how small or big your venture is — from a personal blog to an e-commerce store — you will require a Web Domain NZ to create an online identity. That is why buying Domain and managing it is crucial. 

Domain management is the process of choosing, Domain Hosting, and maintaining a Domain name. Protecting your NZ Domains’ name portfolio from external threats is also a crucial part of Domain management. 

Therefore, you should ensure all Domain names are registered with Domain Registrar NZ.  

So this beginner’s guide will bring you through the terms, procedures and concerns in web Domain NZ management.

Basics of Domain Name And It’s Management

  1. Understand Domain Names
  • A Domain name is a unique online web address that provides you with a different identity for your website through which visitors can find you on the internet, for example, www.ABC.com
  • It consists of two main parts: top-level Domain (TLD), “.com,” and the second-level Domain (SLD), “ABC.”
  1. Registering A Domain Name
  • Domain Registrar: To buy a Domain and register it, we should select a reputable Domain registrar such as GoDaddy, crazy Domains, Name Cheap, etc. 
  • Check the Domain availability: For this, you can use the Domain Registrar NZ’s search tool to check the availability of your desired Domain name. If yes, go for it; if no, check a different variation of your preferred name.
  • Select the suitable TLD: You have to select the best TLD for your website according to the website’s purpose, like .com, .org, .net, etc. You can also choose country-specific extensions such as .in, .nz, .uae, or more.
  • Register the Domain: Now, you can register your Domain name with the Domain Registrar NZ by making some nominal payment and providing contact information and the period for the registration.
  1. DNS Management 

A DNS name system is a system that helps translate the Domain name into their numerical IP addresses to understand the Domain name search request to the computer. For example, the IP address of www.ABC.com looks like 123.456.234.123. 

  1. Privacy And Security
  • WHOIS Privacy: You can turn on WHOIS privacy protection to protect your data from being displayed in public domain registration records.
  • SSL Certificates: To protect website visitor communication, you can buy and install an SSL certificate. Numerous registrars provide paid or unpaid SSL alternatives.
  1. Domain Expiration And Renewal

You have to renew your domain name after a certain period of time in order to keep using it. To ensure prompt renewal, you can enable auto-renewal. 

  1. Domain Transfers

If you want to switch your NZ Domain name from one registrar to another, you can follow the proper transfer process provided by your new register. However, ensure that your Domain name is not expired or locked.

  1. Monitoring And Auditing
  • You have to regularly review your Domain settings and send DNS records so you will stay up to date with the information of a Domain.
  • You can also set up Domain monitoring alerts to get a notification if any change or issue arises.


A better understanding of Domain name and Domain name management will help you manage your online identity efficiently and effectively. 

So stay proactive and take assistance from your Domain Registrar NZ whenever required.

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