5 Easy Ways To Transform Your Boring Rooftop Into a Cozy One

If you have been wanting to create your own space at home to breathe fresh air and enjoy a great view, then why not renovate your boring rooftop into a cozy one? Some might argue that you can find it in parks and office courtyards but with the current health crisis, you should avoid visiting them to lessen the risk of acquiring the deadly virus. Follow the easy ways below to be guided during the transformation process and achieve the perfect outdoor refuge that you have been dreaming of having.

  1. Add some shade

Since the place is on the top of your house, it receives extreme UV rays during sunny days and heavy rainfall during rainy days which may prevent you from enjoying the place at all times. What you need to do is to add some shade where you will be protected from various weather conditions. If there are several plants in the place, you may opt to shade only some parts by building a little canopy. However, if you want something temporary and you can place it from one corner to another, then a big umbrella will work best for your needs. 

  1. Use curtains with eye-catching fabrics

If the rooftop is wide enough, you might want to consider adding an indoor space through the use of curtains with eye-catching fabrics. It is a great idea to give you and your guests a place to rest while enjoying an impressive view. Additionally, you also save them from being uncomfortable due to heat in summer or the cold in winter. There is a wide range of eye-catching fabrics that the Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers so don’t forget to visit it once you are decided that you need one for your rooftop. If you are the type of person who hates scrolling through a number of options, you can narrow it down by using the fabric finder of the website. You just have to indicate what patterns, materials, and colors you want your eye-catching fabrics to have and the website will immediately filter the options you have. In this way, you will save a lot of time when searching for the best eye-catching fabrics for your rooftop. 

  1. Buy soft lighting fixtures

In order to utilize your rooftop even at night, you have to add soft lighting fixtures. Having them means being able to observe the stars, see the clouds, and enjoy the air because it is no longer dark at night. When choosing the lighting fixtures, make sure that their design matches the style of your eye-catching fabrics and furniture pieces. If you aim to have a rooftop with an elegant and relaxing ambiance, then go for soft lighting options rather than too bright or too dark ones. 

  1. Dominate the area with green

You must dominate the area with green through the use of lots of green plants.  It is highly recommended to spice up the vibe and ambiance of the concrete space. Buy those that are low maintenance to ensure that they can live for the months and years to come without you exerting much effort in taking care of them. If the country you are in has a long sunny season, then you might as well take advantage of the weather by incorporating beautiful flowering plants on your rooftop. You should also add a plant bed and grow vegetables if the insulation and space permit. To achieve a cohesive look, you might want to buy eye-catching fabrics with a touch of green

  1. Add furniture items

To make the rooftop comfortable and classy, you should add furniture items like a sofa and a luxury chair. You have to ensure that they will have eye-catching fabrics and durable materials. They must be able to withstand unfavorable conditions if you opt to put them on your rooftop. If you fail to choose the items with the right materials, they will easily be broken or damaged because of the weather.  Don’t forget to add cushions to provide the utmost comfort to you and your guests.

In a Nutshell

You can transform your boring rooftop into a cozy one by following the 5 ways listed above. You just have to be creative enough to make use of the space however you want. If you can decorate it the right way, you can have a rooftop suitable for relaxation and at the same time, hosting celebrations and parties!