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The e-commerce industry in the world continues to increase every year. As reported by the Ministry of Communication and Information the value of electronic commerce (e-commerce) in the world has reached 78 percent.

Based on this, it is undeniable that people’s interest in shopping online encourages business opportunities for online businesses. Therefore, various kinds of online business platforms have emerged that provide convenience for business actors in doing business online.

One of the newest ones comes from the TikTok application, where it offers its newest trending feature, TikTok Shopping. Since its appearance, this feature has attracted the attention of its users and can be a great business opportunity for business people.

What is TikTok Shopping?

TikTok Shopping is a feature presented by the TikTok application to make it easier for businesses and users to sell and buy products. Because, with this feature, it will be very easy for buyers to make purchases through social media without the need to switch to other applications for shopping. Plus users can purchase goods directly and get many promos and discounts such as free shipping.

Some of you probably don’t know the latest features of the TikTok application, where users can currently make purchases of goods through only one application without having to open a marketplace. The feature presented by TikTok for businesses is TikTok Shopping.

Advantages of TikTok Shopping

One of the advantages and disadvantages of TikTok Shopping is that brands or business actors can easily expand their market. Because there are quite a lot of TikTok application users, but apart from that, there are other advantages of this TikTok feature, including:

Social Media Applications as well as Shopping

Now you don’t need a marketplace for shopping anymore, using the TikTok application has given you a combined experience of marketplace and social media. So, you just need to use one platform to play social media and shop so it’s more practical and certainly very interesting.

Have Many Active Users

The TikTok application itself has approximately 800 million active users and on average they open the TikTok application 8 times a day. From there you know if this application is one of the most frequently visited social media applications by its users. You can use the TikTok platform to promote products, for example by using trending hashtags and of course according to your brand.

Business Steps to Expand Market

One of the steps for a business to reach the market, you can use the features of the TikTok platform. As previously explained, TikTok is the social media platform that has the most users and is the most frequently visited.

So, you have the opportunity to expand your market reach and attract customers so that you can increase your sales turnover. This TikTok Shopping feature is intended for those of you who have small businesses or large businesses to make it easier to reach consumers.

But other than that, you can take advantage of TikTok ads as a step to maximize the reach of the content you create. At the same time, it makes it easier for users to visit the sales page using Call To Action (CTA)