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Social Media for Muay Thai to a Global Enterprise

Social Media for Muay Thai to a Global Enterprise

Over the past two decades, social media have revolutionized every aspect of our lives – from how we communicate to how we carry out business. If you are not harnessing the immense power of social media to take your Muay Thai to a global stage, you’re making a big mistake! Don’t believe me?  

Social Media for Muay Thai to a Global Enterprise

Check out the global reach of Muay Thai. 

Although Muay Thai traces its root to the 13th century in the little-known Sukhothai Kingdom, it has grown to be the national sport of Thailand, attracting ardent fans worldwide – with over 100,000 tourists to the Muay Thai exchange center. Little wonder Muay Thai is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.   

The meteoric rise of Muay Thai is not a surprise given its ability to effectively help with weight loss, improve self-confidence, and build mental strength, among many other benefits.  

As a Muay Thai business owner, it only makes sense to bring this fantastic sport to as many people as possible – and you can never go wrong with incorporating social media into your business.  

Here are some reasons why that’s the truth! 

  • Increased Visibility 

    With something as simple as an SEO-optimized website, you provide the opportunity for people around the world to know what goes on in your Muay Thai training camp in the little corner of the world. 

    To take it a step further, having active social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram is a great way to build a solid online audience and share images and tips. For example, Tiger Muay Thai (Twitter handle: @tigermuaythia) has amassed about 50K followers on Twitter, where they share video clips and tips with Muay Thai enthusiasts around the world.  
  • More Revenue 

    It’s no rocket science that increased visibility translates to more revenue. By staying active on the internet, you place your Muay Thai business in the subconscious of internet users. And as they interact with your content, they become your fan even without attending your fitness camp. When they finally decide to get to a Muay Thai camp in Thailand, they’ll opt for someone they trust – and that person will be you.  

    Taking advantage of ad campaigns on social media can even help reach a wider audience – and potentially boost revenue. Now, it probably makes sense why a whopping 93% of online marketers use social media advertising.  
  • Keeping Tabs on your competitors 

    Believe it or not, your competitors are probably on social media. Suppose you’re not making use of this technology. In that case, you’re hurting your business because you’re denying yourself the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and strategies and figure out to out-compete your competitors. Not being on social media may mark the start of your business’s end. Don’t let that happen.  


You have something exciting to share with the world through Muay Thai. Suwit Muay Thai with appropriate food is an example good Muay Thai program which use social media. Why limit your audience to the local market? It’s high time you use social media to take your Muay Thai business global. You won’t regret it – and you’d have that spike in revenue to reward your efforts.