Shower Filters For Your Family’s Health

Shower filters are becoming more popular as people become aware of the harmful effects chlorine can have on their bodies. Many of us take for granted that water coming from the tap will always come clean. However, many homes without a full-house water filtration system can benefit tremendously from a shower filter even if the water source is not local. The best shower filters utilize multiple layers of different materials to filter out heavy metals, chemicals, and other hazardous byproducts from the water that you bathe in.

Shower head filtration system

The most basic filter in this category is the water softener shower head filtration system. These units attach to your faucet with a hose and cartridge. The cartridge itself is made up of various materials like crushed shells and granules of calcium carbonate. This mixture, when massaged into your hair and body, provides the cleansing you need. However, keep in mind that this type of unit usually requires replacement after a certain amount of time due to the buildup of mineral deposits.

Filter cartridge

If your faucets aren’t attached directly to your shower, you can still use a filter cartridge. To do so, you’ll need to install an inline unit that connects to your faucet and uses a new one to replace the old one. To do so, connect a few new pipes underneath the previous one and connect the new one to the faucets, replacing the old filter cartridge. This process can be somewhat of a messy proposition, but it’s worth doing to ensure you get completely rid of any mineral buildup.

Filters for showerheads are also available that attach to the showerhead by way of a hose. While these filters might seem a little more convenient than the other two options, they do require you to manually change the cartridges or even clean out the old filter unit after a while.

Ionic filter system

Another option is to use what’s called an ionic filter system. The water is ionized using a type of resin that provides positive charges to every molecule in it. When these charged particles come in contact with each other, they get attracted to each other. This process is supposed to leave your hair healthier and better smelling. In some cases, this system can even help you lose weight and prevent various diseases.

Install a filtration system on your whole house

An additional step in removing impurities from shower water is to install a filtration system on your whole house. These systems are designed to remove water-borne pathogens such as bacteria and germs, and remove odor. They are most often used in the kitchen and bathroom. If you have a problem with odor, you may even want to consider installing one of these filters to eliminate it.

Carbon block filter

While you may think that a chlorine shower head filter is the best option for eliminating the bacteria and germs from your water, a carbon block filter is preferred. This type of filter not only removes chlorine but removes many other chemicals as well. While a chlorine filter can do its job, it may not remove all the chemical contaminants in your water, which means it won’t remove the germs as well. It is better to use a combination of both types of shower head filters to completely rid your water of all contaminants.

Remove bacteria and other contaminants from your water

There are various types of filters that you can use to remove bacteria and other contaminants from your water. It is also a good idea to purchase more than one type of filter so that you have protection for your entire home. A complete system is ideal if you want to ensure that your family is getting pure, clean water every day.