How to Choose a Reliable Garage Cable Repair Expert

A garage cable can be a complicated and dangerous issue. To ensure that the cable installation is done correctly, you should hire a licensed specialist. This article will go over some of the most common problems with cables and how to choose a reliable garage cable repair expert. In addition, we’ll go over the cost of repairs. These are just some of the many factors to consider when choosing a reliable garage cable repair expert.

Why should you seek the help of a reliable garage cable repair expert?

It’s a hazardous experience to attempt to repair a broken garage cable. It can be perilous and put your life at risk, especially if the garage door cable is frayed or faulty. To be safe, you should always call an expert for the job. DIY cable repair is dangerous and can damage your garage door, so you should never attempt it. A professional garage door repair company like Garage Pros Calgary will have the training and tools to perform a safe cable replacement.

Common problems with garage door cables

The garage door cable travels over a system of pulleys, a drum, and a spool. The garage door cable can start to wear out or deteriorate with use or from moisture near the bottom of the door. If the garage door cable is out of adjustment, it may also rub against other hardware parts, causing further wear and tear. Visual inspection of the garage door cable may help you detect problems before they become significant.

If you suspect a problem, contact a professional garage door repair company. Cables are intricate parts of a garage door, and trying to fix them yourself can ruin its efficiency. Even if you know nothing about garage doors, you could damage cables if you don’t have any experience repairing them. You may not know about these issues until the door stops functioning. The sooner you contact a garage door repair service, the better.


Another common problem with garage door cables is fraying. The cable frays when it ages, weakening the wire and placing strain on the door. Corrosion can also affect garage door cables. Excessive erosion can be caused by moisture and poor maintenance. Regardless of the cause, this is a common problem. Thankfully, garage door repair services can help you avoid this hassle and repair the problem quickly.

Cost of repairs

You might be wondering about the cost of garage cable repairs. You may have recently noticed that your garage door is making a screeching or whining noise when you open or close it. Cable repairs can cost anywhere from $85 to $200, and this price will include the labour and parts. If your garage door is lifting unevenly, you may need to replace the cable and pulley, costing $100 and $200.

Cables are an essential part of garage doors and should be replaced if they’ve worn out or snapped. Cables can be dangerous to install because they are subject to high tension. Suppose you don’t know how to install them correctly. The garage door may fall, causing severe injury or trapping someone underneath. If the cable is sagging, you should call a professional for help. If you’re not sure about the cost, follow these steps.