How does Amazon use QR codes?

Who doesn’t know Amazon? The American multinational technology company best known for its eCommerce platform has an estimated 157.4 million Amazon Prime users in 2022. This contributes to 25.21 billion dollars in annual revenue.

Being one of the leading eCommerce platforms in more than 22 countries today, they’ve devised a solution to keep these subscription numbers, and further increase them. 

They throw out various sales day fairs and conduct an Amazon Prime day exclusive sale for their customers every year to encourage them to shop for the items they may need and have them delivered to their doorsteps the next day.

Aside from their various marketing strategies, Amazon is also using QR codes to add a digital touch to every box they ship to customers. 

Using a free QR code generator online, here are the ways Amazon use QR codes in their operations and marketing strategies.

How does Amazon use QR codes?

QR codes to promote the Amazon App

Amazon uses QR codes to promote the Amazon app and encourage subscribers to scan the code in the box sent to customers.

For new Amazon Prime customers that do not have the app to browse on exclusive Amazon finds and deals, the tech giant also uses this 2D barcode to redirect them to the App Store or Google Store page to download the app and sign in to their accounts. 

The company practically does this to increase their app downloads and encourage customers to go mobile with every purchase. 

QR codes for Amazon mobile payments

As part of creating faster and seamless payments, the tech giant uses QR codes as a gateway for shoppers to pay for the product they purchase online or in their Amazon Go stores. 

Primarily, the tech giant uses QR codes in their contactless stores and has made the lives of their members easier when they shop with the scan and go method. 

QR codes for Amazon reviews

Amazon products thrive because of customers’ reviews after receiving the product they purchase and try on. 

And to create a faster way for the reviews to come by the Amazon review page, a QR code for Amazon Reviews is placed on the boxes they ship out. 

Small online businesses can use this technique and customize the design of their QR code for review using a QR code generator with logo online. 

Amazon House of Horror Pop Up with QR codes

Amazon did a pop-up event in October 2021 in Los Angeles, California, where pedestrians can stop and scan the QR code, and view what the pop-up stand was about. 

Every QR code they scan leads them to a title of the horror flick of the day to boost their Amazon Prime video-on-demand video streams.

Pretty neat QR code marketing, right?

Amazon virtual try on using QR codes

Following the success of L’Oreal in their various virtual try-on campaigns, QR codes are used as a gateway for customers who are hesitant to purchase an item that may not look good on them. 

The virtual try-on technology used by Amazon covers all the necessary items that a shopper may need to try before deciding to buy one. This includes shoes, dresses, and more. 

For new customers in this campaign, Amazon also uses a PDF QR code that stores valuable instructions on how they can use the technology efficiently. 

This technology enables the company to grow its revenue and increase its customer base. 

Amazon leads the top spot in eCommerce today since they listen and deliver to the needs of their customers and work hard to simplify processes for them.

The tech giant is religiously using QR codes in their marketing and operating efforts to provide a convenient shopping experience for everyone.

If you wish to use QR codes in your small eCommerce platform, you can take inspiration from how Amazon successfully used them to become one of the best eCommerce platforms today.