Everything To Know About Forex Affiliate Programs

How Forex Affiliate Programs Work (and How They Can Benefit You) - Admirals

Affiliate marketing involves sharing links with other people. The commission fee is provided to the link provider after someone clicks on the link, registers himself, and makes a deposit. 

The term Forex Affiliate is used to describe an individual who might not be in the trading sector but promoting a specific Forex Platform, called a Broker Affiliate Program. Several kinds of Forex Affiliate programs are available. The best programs offer the highest ticket commission.

The process for registering in the Forex Affiliate program is quite simple, you just have to sign yourself up on the platform and you will get a unique affiliate link. You can share the link manually or by mentioning it on your social media accounts. 

When someone clicks on the link they will have a “cookie” cached in their browser, if they register themselves and deposit the funds then you will get the profit. 

Best Forex Affiliate Programs in 2021 

Many platforms are available for individuals who are interested in promoting Forex Affiliate programs. Some of the Best Forex Affiliate Programs in 2021 are as follows- 

1. FxPro- Introducer program: The individual will have to share referral links or introduce people to the affiliate platform as an “Introducer”. An individual can earn up to $1,100 per referred profile. 

2. XM- Partner Program: One will simply have to share referral links. Individuals can earn up to $25 per lot while having unlimited commission per referral. 

3. Admiral Markets- Media Partner: By sharing affiliate links to people, one can earn up to $600 per referral in this particular program. 

4. AvaTrade- Partner program: One will have to share links and introduce individuals who are new to trading. The payment structure is variable so it will depend on how much profit one is wanting to make. 

5. eToro- Partner Network: Individuals will have to promote affiliate links for the chance of earning up to $500 per sale. 

6. FXCM- Affiliate Network: One will have to share the affiliate and referral links and have to invite friends or family. There will be a chance of earning up to $750 per qualified client. You should be 18 years or above to apply to this program. 

7. Swissquote- Partnership: It is a multi-asset trading platform, one will be dealing with accounts of various types. Individuals will get up to CHF 800 for every qualified referral. 

Types of Broker Affiliate program 

One can choose from the following Forex Affiliate programs 

  • Partner Programs

Traditional affiliate marketing is related to these programs. One gets a commission fee transferred into the account for every successful referral. At times, these commissions are offered for multiple transactions instead of the primary enrollment.

  • CPA Programs

This is a program that will award one for the specific actions made by the referrals. The one-time commission is granted for the actions that involve a deposit made by the referral shared by the individual. 

  • Introducer Program 

This type of program is of a higher level that allows one to introduce people through websites, academic programs, or regional offices. Custom payment plans are developed for the program.